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If you have any questions in relation to the IT services offered by the Faculty of History, please e-mail, telephone +44(0)1865 615032, or visit us in our Faculty Office (open from 8:45am-6pm).


Many IT facilities are provided centrally by IT Services.

Complete newcomers should have a look at the IT Services website for introductory information. Note in particular that you will be unable to register to use Oxford University IT Services and Facilities until you have obtained a University Card, which can be obtained from your college if you are a student, or from a Department Administrator.

Once you have your University SSO Account:

​​When you join the University you receive an SSO, which you will need to register through IT Services on their WebAuth page. This gives you access to Nexus Email and the ability to use VPN to access University and Faculty resources from any computer with the client configured.

Please bear in mind that you will also need to follow the Universities guidelines for acceptable IT usage, stated on their 'IT Services Rules' page.


All Faculty Email is provided centrally via IT Services. Email accounts are available to all members of the University with a university card. Register on-line for email. Contact the Faculty Board Office if you do not yet have a university card.  

Email can be accessed via a web-based interface, which is accessible from anywhere in the world, or via email client software such as Outlook, which is specific to each client computer.

  • Ignore / immediately delete unsolicited junk mail or financial scams. See advice on automatic filtering of junkmail
  • Hoax virus notification messages are common. Do NOT follow 'disinfection' instructions unless you are sure of the authenticity of the advice. If unsure forward the message to a member of IT staff

Users may also like to read the IT Services email etiquette.

The University runs a centrally-managed wireless network (OWL, OWL Visitor and Eduroam) available in most locations around the department and elsewhere in the city centre. For users working away from Oxford the university provides a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, which can also be used for accessing facilities such as online journals remotely.

All members of the Department, including academic visitors, are requested to read and agree to both the University's and the Department's rules for computer use.

If you require advice help or support you have a number of options:

  1. Check our SharePoint pages (NB. You will need to login with your SSO to access these pages): Faculty of History – IT Support Services
  2. Check the IT Services website:
  3. If you unable to find the advice or support online that you need please contact the department IT staff on, telephone +44(0)1865 (6)15032, or visit us in our Faculty Office (open from 8:45am-6pm)If our Faculty IT is not available please contact the main IT Services Service Desk on or +44(0)1865 612345 or visit their webpages:

NB. If there are having issues with accessing University IT systems and we are not available in the Faculty of History, please check these status pages from IT Services which will give you information about our most common systems and their status:

There are teaching resource PCs in each teaching room for instruction and demonstration via the ceiling-mounted projector. The computers run a variety of software including Microsoft Office, Endnote and Nuance PDF.

Laptops and wireless access

Both undergraduates and postgraduates may use their laptop through the wireless-enabled network on site (Both OWL and Eduroam), for which you will need to have a remote access account from the central University IT services.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is properly protected with anti-virus and anti-malware systems. The University has a universal licence for Sophos Anti-Virus, which can be downloaded from the Registration pages of the IT Services website. Faculty or college IT staff can assist in ensuring that anti-virus software is installed correctly. Please also make sure you read the anti-virus information on the central IT Services pages for more advice.

Library Services: Most library services are provided centrally by the university library services. There is a huge range of on-line electronic information services automatically available to all members of the university.

File Sharing: The University has a file sharing service in place - please where possible, use this to share large files with colleagues at Oxford or beyond.
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