Information for Offer Holders


Have you:

  • Returned the training self-assessment form to us?

​​This is not compulsory, but if you want need mainstream language tuition or Early Modern Palaeography, we need to know so we can sign you up for the right class

  • Sent us an original final transcript?

Even if your degree was completed some time ago and you have uploaded a transcript with your application we do need an original piece of paper, not a scan, photocopy or printout. We can accept the following as official final transcripts: an original paper transcript (the one you were sent by your University); a link which allows us to retrieve a verified digitally-signed document online (via a system such as Digitary); an unofficial transcript, signed and stamped by your University office (but not a photocopy)
Please note that we cannot normally return these documents, as we are meant to keep them on your file. Our address is Faculty of History, George Street, Oxford OX1 2RL

nb. we do not need transcripts for Oxford qualifications

  • Contacted your supervisor?       

You should also make arrangements to see your supervisor(s) at her/his college/department before the beginning of 2nd week for a preliminary meeting by writing to or e-mailing her/him at her/his college/department. 

Your first weeks at Oxford

For postgraduate Historians the following are really important:

We hold brief induction events in 0th week, normally on Tuesday and Thursday (see dates of term), for each master’s programme, and for all DPhil students. There is also an introduction to information facilities for students new to Oxford:



Please make every effort to attend these events, as they will answer some important questions and give you a vital overview of your course.
New DPhil students in US History, Global History, Medieval History, ESH and HSMT may wish to attend the Induction sessions for these areas.  While the sessions will be focused on Master’s students, there will be information about resources that research students too will find useful.

These start in Week 1 and are for all graduates, sometimes for specific audiences or fields of historical work. They will also be an opportunity for you to approach any of the speakers informally –  and of course to meet other new graduates. 

The Lecture List
This is a list for Undergraduates and Postgraduates which contains information about available lectures for each term. Usually, this list is uploaded each term in week 1 here on the front page of our WebLearn site.



We publish a list of History Research Seminars. You are all welcome to attend any of these, depending on your research interest. 

Please note that, as a Research Student, you need to discuss with your supervisor which Research Seminar is defined as your core seminar which you should attend and at which you will be asked to give a presentation. It is important to do this, as it forms part of your Transfer of Status application.

We will be offering some drinks and nibbles for all new students in the Joan Thirsk Common Room on Thursday 1st week (13th October) from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. All new students are cordially invited, but we would like an idea of numbers, so please sign up here once you have access to WebLearn.


Who to contact in the Faculty

Please always use as the main contact for our office. We are trying to restrict drop-in hours for the office to 10-11am and 2-3pm.

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