Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Committee and Working Groups

The History Faculty has an Equality and Diversity Committee plus three Working Groups:

  • Disability Working Group
  • Gender Equality Working Group
  • Race Equality Working Group

The three Working Groups meet once a term. If you would like to bring a matter to the attention of any of these Groups, please contact Jeannie Scott (Secretary to the Groups) on jeannie.scott@history.ox.ac.uk.


Staff and students can also contact the Oxford University Equality and Diversity Unit (or EDU) for advice and guidance.

Information for staff and students with a disability

Staff and students in need of advice or guidance are very welcome to contact:

Students can also seek advice from the University Disability Advisory Service.

Disability contacts for colleges are listed here.

You can also find our more on the Humanities Divisional Equality and Diversity page.

Access to the History Faculty

The History Faculty's George Street building is included in the University Access Guide. This map also includes details on Examination Schools and many colleges, where most of our teaching takes place.

Staff or students with concerns about accessing venues should contact the relevent Disability Lead or Co-ordinator as soon as possible.

The History Faculty Library is located in the Radcliffe Camera: this is also featured in the Access Guide.

LGBT History Month 2016

The History Faculty displayed the rainbow flag in February 2019 as part of LGBT History Month.


Athena SWAN

In April 2019 the Faculty applied for accreditation under the Athena SWAN charter for gender equality. This means we have conducted a searching and thorough analysis of our shortcomings in this area, and identified far-reaching and concrete actions to make improvements.  These improvements will be overseen by an Athena SWAN Coordinator (a senior academic historian), while intersectional issues will be addressed through our Equality & Diversity Committee and its working groups on gender, race and disability.

The Athena SWAN Charter is based on ten key principles. By being part of Athena SWAN, we are committing to a progressive charter, adopting the principles below in our policies, practices, improvement plans and culture.

1. We acknowledge that academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of all.

2. We commit to advancing gender equality in academia, in particular addressing the loss of women across the career pipeline and the absence of women from senior academic, professional and support roles.

3. We commit to addressing unequal gender representation across academic disciplines and professional and support functions. In this we recognise disciplinary differences, including the relative underrepresentation of women in senior roles in arts, humanities, and social sciences (including History).

4. We commit to tackling the gender pay gap (this is a University goal which the History Faculty supports).

5. We commit to removing the obstacles faced by women, in particular, at major points of career development and progression including the transition from doctoral research into a sustainable academic career.

6. We commit to addressing the negative consequences of using short-term contracts for the retention and progression of staff in academia, particularly women.

7. We commit to tackling the discriminatory treatment often experienced by trans people.

8. We acknowledge that advancing gender equality demands commitment and action from all levels of the organisation and in particular active leadership from those in senior roles.

9. We commit to making sustainable structural and cultural changes to advance gender equality, to the extent that these become mainstream within all we do, recognising that initiatives and actions that support individuals alone will not sufficiently advance equality.

10. All individuals have identities shaped by several different factors. We commit to considering the intersection of gender and other factors wherever possible.

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