Dr Erica Charters appointed as the new Director of the Oxford Centre for Global History

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Erica Charters to the Director of the Oxford Centre for Global History from October 2016. 

Since its foundation in June 2011, the Centre for Global History has been successful in developing a large and active network of scholars with an interest in global history from within History and its sister disciplines across Oxford and beyond. The Centre has strived to promote global history through the support of research projects and the provision of more than 25 workshops, lectures and conferences.  Through its events and visitor programme, the Centre has hosted some of the leading global historians from across the world and developed links with global history networks at other institutions spanning the globe.  The Centre is home to a Masters programme and weekly research seminar in Global and Imperial History and recently launched the first in a series of volumes on global history.

Dr Charters is based at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine.  Her research examines how war and disease intersect with state formation and state power, particularly in colonial contexts. Dr Charters’ appointment represents an exciting opportunity for the Centre to build on its strong foundation and continue to develop Oxford’s reputation as a leading player in the field of global history.