Alumni Relations and Communications

Alumni Relations and Communications Officer - Laura Spence

Laura Spence, Alumni and Communications Officer

01865 (6)15024  

Laura is responsible for managing and implementing the Faculty of History's communciations strategy. This includes maintaining the website, social media and other external media as well as internal systems like Sharepoint, events mailings and student virtual learning environments.

If you would like to contact Laura regarding communications please email

Laura is also reposonsible for alumni relations and development within the faculty, working in close collaboration with the Chair of the Faculty Board and the Humanities Division Development Team. The Faculty is looking to foster a closer relationship with their alumni by hosting more events throughout the year, increasing our overall contact via email and post, and offering opportunities to asssit the Faculty. If you are interested in supporting the Faculty in any way, please do contact her at

Teaching Resources Officer - Cheryl Birdseye

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