Studying in University Park

(c) Lucy Lyndon Jones

The most striking thing about History at Oxford is its extraordinary range and the enormous amount of choice offered to students (there are over 100 different options), reflecting the breadth of interests and expertise among those who teach here. Oxford is rightly celebrated for the broad chronological sweep of its courses. You can study options on any part of British, European and Global History from the fading years of the Roman Empire to the present day. All undergraduates are encouraged to confront periods and concepts beyond those encompassed by a narrow chronological focus. Students are given the opportunity of seeing things not just in their immediate context but also in the perspective of long-term developments. History can be studied either as a Single Honours course, or as a Joint Honours course in combination of one of five other subjects: Ancient History, Economics, English, Modern Languages, and Politics.

Working as an Oxford graduate student is an exhilarating experience. History at Oxford stretches from circa 300 A.D. to the present and embraces, in addition to its British and European heritage, an exceptionally broad range of World history. It comprises an active research community of up to 800 senior academics and graduate students, all contributing to a varied menu of research seminars, lectures, academic societies, and personal contacts. Our research is organised around historical periods and research centres, or in collaborative and individual research projects, and as a graduate student, you will always be welcome at seminars, workshops and conferences whatever the subject. Graduates are encouraged to make use of these opportunities as widely as possible. Striking the right balance between intellectual curiosity and discipline, and remaining focused without becoming blinkered, is an integral part of a successful graduate career. The Oxford environment provides all the ingredients for you to develop these skills while engaging fruitfully with others in the field.

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