Academic Administration

Undergraduate Officer - Andrea Hopkins

Andrea Hopkins

01865 (6)15020

As Undergraduate Officer, Andrea has day-to-day oversight of administrative support for the Faculty’s undergraduate programmes, policies and processes, including all aspects of admissions, on-course progression and examinations.

Andrea is secretary to the Undergraduate Studies Committee and ensures the provision of support and/or Faculty representation for the Examinations Sub-Committee, and for committees relating to joint honour schools involving History.

For matters concerning undergraduate study more generally, please email:


Graduate Officer - Joe Shepherd

joe shepherd

01865 (6)15011

As Graduate Officer, Joe has day-to-day oversight of administrative support for the Faculty’s taught and research graduate programmes, policies and processes, including graduate admissions, on-course progression and examinations.   Joe provides support to the Director of Graduate Studies, who has overall responsibility for graduate programmes in History.

Joe is secretary to the Faculty Board’s Graduate Studies Committee, the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (GJCC) and the Board of Management for the Arnold, Bryce and Read Scholarships. He is the initial History Faculty point of contact for History graduate student exchange programmes between Oxford and partner institutions in the UK or overseas. 

Assistant Undergraduate Officer - Alex Vickers

01865 (6)15017

Alex provides assistance across the range of roles undertaken within the undergraduate operation, including admissions and schools liaison, committee servicing, exams, maintaining online course documentation and communications with students. She is also the nominated Disability Coordinator for undergraduate and graduate History students.

Alex supports the Undergraduate Joint Consultative Committee (UJCC) and the Undergraduate Historians Assembly (UHA).

Assistant Graduate Officer - Avalon Floyd

Avalon Floyd

01865 (6)15001 

The Assistant Graduate Officer provides support for the Graduate Officer and Director of Graduate Studies in all aspects. Avalon is particularly responsible for on course DPhil students, helping guide them through Transfer of Status, Confirmation of Status and submission. She is also the first point of contact for queries regarding suspension of status or extensions of time. 

Avalon manages the ABRF and Clark Fund applications, in conjunction with the DGS and Finance Officer. She also maintains the communications page for graduate students on WebLearn.

Avalon is Secretary of Oxford Historical Monographs (OHM).

Admissions Officer - Mandy Leonard

mandy leonard

Graduate Admissions: 01865 615003 -

Undergraduate Admissions: 01865 615013 -

Mandy ensures the smooth running of both undergraduate and graduate student admissions processes in History. She is responsible for the organisation, planning and delivery of outreach and Open Day activities for prospective students, and induction activities for new students.

Mandy is secretary to the Faculty’s Admissions Sub-Committee and to the Admissions Forum; she provides data analyses and contributes to the production of admissions reports and to equality and diversity monitoring.

Find out more about admissions:

Undergraduate: The HAT Test | Open Days | BA in History | Joint Schools

Graduate: How to Apply | Masters Study | DPhil Study | Fees and Funding | FAQs

Examinations Officer - Isabelle Moriceau


01865 (6)15017 

Isabelle assists with the examination processes for all taught degrees involving History (except Masters in History of Art). She supports the team throughout the whole examining process, from the recruiting of paper setters to the recording of exam marks.

Isabelle also provides administrative support to the Chairs and members of all Boards of Examiners.

Teaching Officer - Emily Usherwood



Emily supports the delivery of both undergraduate and graduate programmes by maintaining accurate information about teaching capacity and demands, managing the Faculty’s internal training scheme for preparing graduate students for teaching (PLTO), producing lecture lists, updating course materials, and administering optional course elements. She manages option choices, maintains combined records of undergraduate and graduate examining and marking, and annual academic workload survey data.

She maintains the undergraduate tutorial register and oversees the production of the termly Lecture List. She records Special Tuition payment claims from graduate students, maintains lists of incoming graduate students requiring language tuition, organises pre-term Latin tuition and updates all published information and application forms as required. Emily also provides administrative support to the Oxford History Graduate Network (OHGN).
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