Dr Jan-Georg Deutsch

​Research interests:

  • Memory and Memorialisation
  • Capitalism and Empire
  • Slavery and Abolition

Centre for Global History (Oxford)

African Studies Centre

Current DPhil Students

  • Edward Goodman
  • Rouven Kunstmann
  • Sishuwa Sishuwa
  • Duncan Money
  • Katharina Oke
  • Simon Stubbings
  • Mohamed Haji Abdullahi
  • Katherine Erickson
  • Kate Anthony



  • "Exterminate all the Brutes”. Race, Power, and Violence in German Colonial Africa

  • Introduction: Control and Excess: Histories of Violence in Africa

  • Introduction: Labour in transport: Histories from the Global South (Africa, Asia, and Latin America), c.1750 to 1950

  • Memory, Oral History, and the End of Slavery in Colonial Tanzania: Some Methodological Considerations

  • Slavery, the slave trade and abolition

  • More
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