Dr Gregg Huff

Gregg Huff works on economic development and economic history in Southeast Asia from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Research interests include globalization, the economics of war, trade and development, migration, financial development and urbanization. As well as Southeast Asia, my research interests extend to colonial West Africa. My main research and teaching interests centre on Southeast Asia and are the economics of war, globalization, economic development, trade and development, financial development, urbanization, migration and famine. 

As well as teaching the graduate Southeast Asia option in Economic and Social History, I am currently engaged in a project on the Economics of War in Southeast Asia supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

Recent Seminars, Conference Papers and Presentations

22 May 2009 University of Glasgow
24 November 2009 All Souls, Oxford
27 September 2011 World Bank, New York
6 November 2011 Gakushuin University, Tokyo
9 November 2011 University of Tokyo
10 November 2011 Wasdea University, Tokyo
31 March 2012 Economic History Society Annual Conference, Oxford
27 April 2012 Central Bank of Norway, Geneva
23 September 2012 Economic History Association Meeting, Vancouver
9 October 2012 School of Oriental and African Studies, London
6 December 2012 Asia Research Institute, Singapore
7 April 2013 Economic History Society Annual Conference, York
21 March 2015 Economic History Society Conference, Woverhampton
28 March 2015 Gakushuin University, Tokyo Workshop
4 June 2015 Asia Research Institute, Singapore

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