Dr Andrea Brazzoduro

  • twentieth-century French history (4th & 5th Republic, colonialism and decolonization)
  • history of representations and social uses of the past (memory studies, oral history and epistemology)
  • postcolonial criticism (with a particular focus on the Mediterranean, and the relationships between France, Algeria and Italy, in the past and in the present)

As Marie Curie Research Fellow I’m currently working to my new book, which aims to investigate the Algerian War of Independence (1954–1962) from a new perspective. I propose to frame a transnational history of the war, going beyond both the (opposing) French and Algerian (national) narratives, to resituate the war in its Mediterranean, European, and eventually its global contexts. This general research objective, however, will be achieved by using a microhistorical approach: instead of looking at the conflict as a generic “whole” and examining its reverberations in an elusive “collective memory”, the project focuses on a specific region, the Aurès-Nememcha in the Algerian south-east. At the core of this project are the specific experiences and memories of French and Algerian veterans who fought each other for eight years in this mountainous, Berberophone area. Who were they? What kind of war were they fighting, and why? And fifty years after the ceasefire, how do the citizens of each country cope with their combat memories? Less than “collective memory”, what is at stake here is a genealogy of the present—both in Algeria and France—by means of an investigation into the social frames of memory.


Soldati senza causa. Memorie della guerra d’Algeria (Soldiers Without a Cause. Memories of the Algerian War) (Roma-Bari: Laterza, 2012)

Soldati Senza Causa

 Publisher website: http://www.laterza.it/index.php?option=com_laterza&Itemid=97&task=schedalibro&isbn=9788842099659 


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  • Köln Concert. Retour sur un « cohérent délire » postcolonial

  • Oral Histories and Postcolonial Memories: Towards a Multi-Vocal Narrative of the Algerian War of Independence

  • Rassegna bibliografica

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  • Oltre il magnetofono. Fonti orali, storiografia, generazioni

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  • Il Memoriale della guerra d'Algeria. L'uso politico di un conflitto senza fine (1962-2012)

  • More

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