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The Faculty of History is running a number of events throughout 2017. Availability, costings and details can be found below. If you have any further questions, please contact the History Faculty at 

Thursday 5 October - Lyndal Roper will speak at Lambeth Palace

** This event is now fully booked **

Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet

The Faculty is in the process of organising a lecture to commemorate the 500 anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 thesis to the church door in Wittenburg. Our Regius Professor of History, and renowned Luther historian, Lyndal Roper will be speaking in the beautiful hall of Lambeth Palace.

This will be followed by a drinks reception alongside a small exhibition.

This event is taking place in association with Lambeth Palace Library and its Friends.

** This event is now fully booked **


Annual Oxford Historians Alumni Lecture and Dinner

Previous Speakers and their Topics

2017 - Professor Stephen Smith - 'Russia in Revolution'
2016 – Professor Laurence Brockliss - ‘The University of Oxford and the State’
2015 – Dr Peter Frankopan - ‘The First Crusade: The Making of a Legend
2014 – Professor Hew Strachan  ‘The First World War: 100 Years On’
2013 – Professor Robert Gildea  - '1968 Then and Now’
2012 – Professor Ruth Harris  - 'The Dreyfus Affair Re-visited'
2011 – Professor Robert Evans - 'Imperial Legacy: The Austrian Lands in Modern European History'.
2010 – Professor Robert Service  - 'Making Sense and Nonsense of Communism in the Twentieth Century'.
2009 – Professor Hew Strachen – 'From Total War to War on Terror: ways of war since 1914'
2008 – Professor Niall Ferguson  - 'Expectations of World Wars: Learning from History in Financial Markets since 1914'
2006 – Professor Richard Carwardine - ‘The History Buoys: American historians and the tides of culture’
2004 - Professor Roy Foster - 'Heritage, Nationality, Popularity: the function of history at the present time'

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