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Dr Alan Strathern

Alan Strathern

Associate Professor of Modern History

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Brasenose College

Dr Alan Strathern (BA, MA, DPhil)

I work on early modern global history (1500-1800), with a special interest in those parts of the world that came into contact with Portuguese imperialism and the theme of religious encounters. Most of my published work has focused on Sri Lankan history. This includes a book, Kingship and Conversion in Sixteenth Century Sri Lanka: Portuguese Imperialism in a Buddhist Land (Cambridge 2007), and articles on such themes as origin myths, source criticism, and the development of ethnic consciousness. In the past seven or eight years, my research has increasingly taken a comparative, inter-disciplinary and global approach. One project will result in a book, Sacred Kingship and Religious Change in the Early Modern World (Cambridge, forthcoming) looking at why the rulers of some societies – ranging from Kongo to Japan – converted to monotheism and others did not. And a second project considers the global relationship between religion and state as a product of 'early modernity'. I teach both European and world history as a Fellow and Tutor at Brasenose College, and a Lecturer at St. John's College. I was on leave 2011-13 following the award of a Philip Leverhulme Prize for History in 2010. I'm happy to consider DPhil supervision across a wide range of areas in the early modern world.


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