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Dr Daniel Andersson

Daniel Andersson

Wolfson College Research Fellow in History

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Wolfson College

Dr Daniel Andersson

I am a scholar of the cultural, intellectual, religious and literary life of early modern Europe. Raised in Sweden and England, I did my undergraduate degree (Classics and Philosophy) at St. John's, Oxford. I returned to academic life after a 7 year stint in the City in 2007. My first post was in Berlin at the Max Planck Insitute for the History of Science. Then in 2010 I returned to Oxford. Here I work chiefly on Francis Bacon, Philology, Aristotelianism and Calvinsim. I have a great interest in language learning.

One thing leads to another. From my doctoral work on an Elizabethan aristocrat and second-rate intellectual (Lord Henry Howard), I moved on (and out) to consider the problem of the impact of university education on argument in Renaissance society at large (and co-organized a conference with Richard Serjeantson on the arts course). From my interest in vernacular Aristotle, I took the course of Aristotelian natural philosophy as my next field. In particular, I began to study the borderlands of the Habsburg Empire from both a cultural and political standpoint, in which the foundation of Jesuit colleges (in Cluj and Olomouc for example) formed no small part. From my work on Calvinist care of the soul in Ames, Perkins and Abernethy, I began to be interested in the Habsburg reception, above all in Hungarran, of these authors. These are the chief strands of current interest I have in early modern history, with philology, exchange, Calvin, Aristotle being the chief tufts in the 'thought-cloud'.

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